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Welcome beautiful souls, I'm Natasha an evidenced-based Naturopath who is passionate about restoring health through healing the gut. My clinical focus is on chronic gut problems, the Gut - Brain link, stress-related disorders such as anxiety, fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, depression, insomnia and food as medicine especially plant-based. 

My 4 year non-negotiable daily meditation/ spiritual practice has led me to facilitating intuitive meditation classes and workshops. I also run goddess workshops and the sacred women's circle, which was formed to help women step back into their power by connecting to the divine feminine within. It was also created to bring like-minded women together, women that empower, support, nurture and rise each other up. 

I am also really passionate about guiding and empowering women to live their authentic, loving, beautiful, unique truth and towards living a life that they were born to live and ultimately guiding women back to love of self because coming back to love of self is when we see huge personal transformations......


'Merging spiritual and therapeutic aspects of herbal wisdom along with a beautiful sensory experience'

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Naturopathy is for everyone as it treats the person not the disease

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness and focuses on addressing the underlying cause of disease and disease prevention. Naturopathy treats the whole person body, mind and emotions and sees the body as having an inherent ability to heal itself when in the right environment. Naturopathy draws on the healing power of nature by utilizing herbal and nutritional medicine, flower essences, lifestyle advice and wholefoods to facilitate the healing process.

Private consults, DNA testing, Gut Healing and Happiness packages available 


Meditation in its essence is the art of being aware, aware of what is going on inside you and around you – OSHO

Meditation is a journey into the deeper aspects of self and can bring about a true personal transformation. A regular meditation practice has many health benefits including reducing stress, anxiety and depression , improving moods, increases calm, peace and clarity, aids in relaxation, enhances intuition and deeper understanding of self, improves immunity and energy plus many more.

Weekly Group and private meditation classes are available

Goddess Workshops & Monthly Sacred Women's Circles

A Goddess is an expression of the divine feminine energy that resides in you. A goddess is a woman who sees and knows she is divine regardless of her unique set of curves.- Taniska

A goddess is a seeker of the truth, a woman who has the courage to face her fears and barriers, enter into her own darkness, her shadow self and seek the light within. She seeks her true authentic self, she seeks the divine feminine within, she is fearless and she is not afraid to unravel years and years of conditioning  because she just wants to find herself again. A goddess embodies her essence, her truth, she breaks free form her chains of restrictions and steps into her divine, loving authentic, unique, powerful self and is proud of who she is, She is loving, kind and compassionate, she is fierce, she is strong and she is courageous, she is who she is. To me this is what it means to be a Goddess

Monthly sacred women's circle and Goddess workshops available 

Flower Essences

The effect of these Essences is similar to that of meditation in that they enable the person to access the wisdom of their Higher Self -Ian White

Flower essences are a natural healing system that works on the emotional, mental and spiritual body of an individual. They help by gently unraveling the layers of buried emotions so one can release theses emotions and move forward with their life.The essence or life force of the flower is captured into each remedy and it is this life force that is the catalyst for healing in the individual. Benefits may include :to give clarity to ones life, Strength and courage to pursue dreams and goals, Develop higher level of intuition, Access the wisdom of the higher self, Deepen mediation and spiritual practice, Help with life purpose and self confidence, Unlock creativity, Cope better with emotional stressors, Plus much much more.

Flower essence consults and packages available.


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food


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